Beyoncé Pancakes

A somewhat well known fact about me is that I don’t like to take care of things. By take care of things I mean feed, water, walk that kind of stuff, this would be the main reason I don’t have kids, plants or pets. About 2 months ago I made a sour dough starter. About 2 weeks in I was regretting it. I won’t say that having a sour dough starter is like having a kid because most of the time it sat next to the heater and didn’t bother me. From what I hear, kids are slightly more high maintenance than that. It is however like having a cat, you know it’s there, you can kinda smell it, you don’t have to entertain it, but you do have to feed it.
I ended up making 2 starters one with white flour and one with whole wheat flour. I made them for work and at the time I had Saturday and Sunday off so I had to take them home and keep them alive. They did really well at my house because my apartment is crazy warm! I named them Beyoncé and Gisele, anytime I post pictures of the bread I make I hashtag them #sexybread. Its pretty funny to me, I usually laugh every time! Sometimes I even send Beyoncé and Gisele pictures of the sours or bread via twitter. They don’t respond. Another well known fact about me is that I love JayZ! Not in any sort of way that Beyoncé should be concerned about, I love his music and I think he’s amazing. My boss is a huge Patriots fan and a huge Tom Brady fan, there are Tom Brady pictures all over our computer at work! Anything I know about football (which isn’t much) she taught me. We thought it would be fun and totally appropriate to name our starters after Jay’s and Tom’s wives.

20140131-171257.jpg I took the girls home at Christmas and Beyoncé went total Sasha Fierce on me! In case you aren’t a huge Beyoncé fan Sasha Fierce is her alter ego. She totally blew her lid and made a mess!

20140131-171900.jpgIf you have never cleaned up sour dough starter consider yourself lucky! The stuff is like glue! It was all down the front of the dresser it was sitting on! After that I cut back on how much I was feeding her.
Starters are really wasteful if you keep them active and don’t use them. You throw away around 3/4 of your starter everyday. You don’t have to, but unless you want to fill your house with starter, you’ll throw it away. I decided I would at least try to use some of the starter by making pancakes. Another somewhat well known fact about me, I love pancakes! I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to pancakes (I also may have one devoted to JayZ). The first round was not good, they tasted a bit like paste. Once you covered them in butter and maple syrup they really weren’t that bad. It was probably 3 batches later that I figured out how to make them work. They were really good, not super sour but definitely had good flavor!

20140217-162042.jpgSo, after I figured out a good recipe I wrote it down on an old envelope and made sure I didn’t throw it away. I mean who wants to be the person who looses the best pancake recipe in the world??? Apparently, I want to be that person! I totally lost the recipe…I’ve looked everywhere! All that work and no one will ever know the deliciousness of Beyoncé pancakes! All I can say is I’m sorry. If I find it I will post it, I promise.

Even JayZ and Beyoncé are disappointed. I’m sorry guys, I’ll try not to let you down again!



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