Christmas Cookies

I always have the idea that I’m going to make all kinds of cookies and chocolates for Christmas. When I’m done I would divide all the goodies up among my friends and family and put them in little boxes with Christmas bows. It would be really cute! It turns out, I don’t have that kind of time! The few times I have tried to get truffles done, I make such a mess that it’s really not worth the clean up. To be fair I’ve been pretty busy, I went to Alabama to visit my sister, I’ve been working, I got totally addicted to a TV show on Netflix. I mean the holidays are crazy and that TV show has like 10 seasons!
This year my Mom planned a cookie baking day, I decided this would be all the Christmas baking I would do. We used to do this several years ago, when all my siblings and I lived in Oregon. Since I am the only one in the state it would just be Mom, Dad and me. Mom had some cookies she wanted to make and then I came up with a couple, when we were done I think we had four or five different kinds. Holiday baking is much easier when there are more people involved. My Dad was put in charge of rolling out sugar cookies and then dipping pretzels. I made a chocolate hazelnut crackle cookie which went over really well. In fact my dad told me they looked professional, almost like there was a professional baker in the house!

Here’s Dad rolling cookies.

And here’s Mom rolling cookies. I’m not sure if you can tell by this picture but her favorite kind of dog is a pug! 🙂

My favorite part of making these cookies is the dipped pretzels. We dip them in that white chocolate bark candy stuff. I’m sure it’s all sugar and fat and horrible for you! However, these are all salty, sweet and delightlful!


Not only were we baking but we were also watching the Hallmark channel. They make some great high quality Christmas movies! Half way through the afternoon we took a break and headed over to George Fox University for the Christmas concert. It was a nice concert but I really need more entertainment then a choir. Surprisingly the small children sitting in front of us also needed more entertainment. At one point I felt like volunteering to take the kids outside and run around with them. They’re parents really looked like they wanted to watch the concert.

After the concert we finished the cookies and divided them up to take home. The other great part was I able to get a ton of laundry done! At my house I have to pay for laundry, so free laundry is always nice!

20131225-194738.jpg I’m pretty sure the afternoon was a success! Maybe next year I’ll get around to making truffles and turtles or maybe not! 🙂


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