Breakfast Sammie’s!!

My egg sandwich love comes from working at Starbucks and my friendship with Molly. When I lived in New York, every morning I would call Molly and have her meet me at Starbucks. We would sit in the comfy chairs and drink our coffee and eat egg sandwiches while chatting with the local cops. I wish Molly and I lived closer so we could do this again, especially now that she has Lida. I decided this morning after texting with Molly that I needed to make egg sammie’s for breakfast. So, I went home took inventory of the ingredients I had and what I needed for the best egg sandwich EVER, and headed to the store. It’s so nice living next door to a grocery store, you never run out of anything!
I like egg sammie’s on biscuits, I mean they are still pretty good on most bread but biscuits are my favorite! The biscuit recipe I use is from The Joy of Cooking, except I add cheese to it and I may have changed the recipe a bit. I also use half butter and half shortening. Now, I don’t believe in using shortening, except for when I make pie dough and biscuits. Any other time I will always use butter. Shortening I think makes it flakier and over all better. This recipe is so easy and fast, I just love it! I also renamed the recipe to Biscuit Love, it just sounds better then rolled biscuit or drop biscuit.

2 cups flour
1T baking powder
1/2 t salt
3T cold butter cubed
3T cold shortening cubed
3/4C milk
Some cheese, I don’t measure it so maybe 1/4 cup or less. I mean be realistic about the cheese, the biscuits should not be orange. Oh, and I use sharp cheddar cause it is better.

I put all the dry in a bowl, then I add cheese, butter and shortening and then by hand I smash all the chunks of butter and shortening until the mixture is all sandy like. Then I add the milk and again using my hands I mix it until its combined…but not over doing it!
Because I used a fairly large cutter I only got 4 biscuits.


Don’t those look yummy? I was really excited about them and they were the prefect size for my sandwich. Next up was cooking bacon, I love bacon and I never have it! I just feel I would probably never stop eating it if it were at my house. So, I never buy it! I had bought some when Andy was in town just incase he didn’t want to eat out for breakfast. I cook my bacon in an oven rather then frying it. It’s not so messy and it crispier, I would rather eat crispy bacon then chewy bacon.

I didn’t take a picture of the egg, I’m really very bad at cooking eggs and this one didn’t look too great. I did put a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top, which only made it look worse.
So, you cut the biscuit in half or pull it apart and throw your egg on and then some bacon and put the top back on.
Mmmm….tasty egg sammie!



3 thoughts on “Breakfast Sammie’s!!

  1. Going to try the Sammie’s–love the tip about baking the biscuits with a little cheese and baking the bacon! Loved seeing you get started with entertaining entries! Ready for more!!!

  2. You can make sammies for me anytime, and I’ll happily come and sit with you to talk about life…I’ll even find some local cops to bring with me.

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