Carolyn and Brenda’s celebration!

20130902-125751.jpgThis past weekend my friends Carolyn and Brenda celebrated 20 years of their life together with a ceremony in their garden. It was a beautiful! I’m not the type to get teary or cry at ceremonies, but this one I totally got teary! The weather was perfect and they of course looked beautiful! The ceremony was quick, which I can always appreciate and watching two people who have so much love for each other commit their lives together is awesome. For the reception they asked me to make a cake. I always love making cakes especially for friends. They needed enough for around 50 people. The bottom tier was going to be almond cake with a dark chocolate espresso ganache. The top tier was banana cake with a salted caramel buttercream.



I was pretty happy with how it all turned out, I did want the caramel buttercream to stand out more but the banana was a little overpowering. As always I am my own worst critic and I of course had some issues with how I thought it looked. Carolyn and Brenda of course loved it!




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